SY Tank Terminal

SY Tank Terminal provides services such as warehousing, storing, loading and unloading of raw materials such as Naptha, heavy oil, light oil, and chemical products for the NCC (Naptha Cracking Center) in the Yeosu area petrochemical complex.
Its strategic location that allows easy access for large ships to approach enables SY Tank Terminal to perform its services catered to each customer’s needs. Because most customers use the company’s services through long-term contracts, SY Tank Terminal is able to generate long-term stable cash flow with low levels of customer turnover rate.

Minami Shimabara Jaeil Power Station

Minami Shimabara Jaeil Power Stations is a 2.7MW photovoltaic power generation project that is being constructed with top-tier equipment.
It is expected to generate stable cash flow through a 20-year JPY 27/kWh PPA with Kyushu Electric Power.

Daewon C&M

Daewon C&M produces aggregate and mixed concrete in Ulsan and creates stable sales and cash flow based on its leading M/S in the region.
It has secured its business stability and has established high entry barrier in the region as it holds a license for the production of aggregates, crucial yet raw material used in various construction projects, as well as an abundance of aggregate resources.
IMM’s investment funds have enabled Daewon C&M to secure its driving force for further inorganic growth.

Bioenergy Farm Asan Co., Ltd.

Bioenergy Farm Asan Co., Ltd. is the largest livestock manure energy company in Korea.
Since only 4% of produced livestock manure is currently being processed through energy production facilities, big potential for growth can be expected.
The company also expects to expand into other regions based on its past success.


Established in 2005, K-Auction is an art auction company that has been growing in conjunction to the rise of domestic art market in Korea.
It operates in an oligopoly along with Seoul Auction, and dominates the market with 90% market share.

Able C&C

Able C&C is a leading Korean cosmetics company that pioneered the road-shop market in Korea.
The company has a solid 20-year track record of managing reputable brands such as Missha and A’pieu. It has a nationwide retail network with over 700 stores in Korea, and exports to over 40 countries.


Established in 2007, Bluehole has been developing a wide variety of games for more than 10 years.
PUBG, launched in March 2017, has shown unprecedented success and is currently being serviced through a number of platforms including PC, mobile, and consoles.